Peggy Martin

Born into a family of artists and raised in NYC, my life has been influenced by form, color and texture.  Although I’ve not had a great deal of formal training my experience of the world has always been through visual and tactile senses. For the last 10 years I have studied at the Community Art Center in Wallingford, Pa.  There I have taken classes in Wheel Throwing, Hand Building, Carving, Glazing, Burnishing and Smoking techniques, Rake and more recently, Sculpting.  It is the human form and the integration of it into my pieces that has become the focus of my work.


I am stunned by the beauty that humans are capable of expressing through art. Throughout my life I have investigated different creative mediums taking from each something that I could build on.  When I am working I find a place within myself full of stillness and gratitude, vision and possibility, my own uniqueness and still a kinship with others.  Clay has given me a path that allows me to integrate and bring all my experience together.  It offers endless possibilities.